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Welcome to TM SouthHistorians, we aim to help share the great teaching that is happening in history classrooms up and down the country. Many great teachers and their ideas don't always get the credit and attention they deserve and we want to shine the spot light on their great work. 


TMSouthHistorians is currently looking to  organise its next event that provides History teachers in the southern region a great opportunity to network, share and learn some great teaching and learning ideas. We have found that there are loads of great opportunities out there for history teachers but many of them are too far away for many in the south, as a result we want to put on a TeachMeet which is hopefully easier to get to and will help share some great teaching and learning ideas. I

We also have our T&L Times which is our newly revamped newsletter sharing all the great teacher ideas that we notice and are sent our way.  We also have our blog which shares T&L ideas in a bit more detail as well as our Reflections, Recommendations and Ramblings series where classroom teachers share their experiences and advice. 


If you are interested in keeping up with our developments or  getting involved/contributing follow us on twitter and subscribe to keep up to date with all the new developments and to help share the news of this event and the great teaching ideas being shared.

The TMSouthHistorians Team

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